2. The last page of a short comic I’ve been making, Carnage is pissed off!

    Better Quality HERE

    I’ll be posting it in full when it’s finished, but you can see some of the other pages as WIPs HERE

  3. Gorilla Sketch

  4. Artwork for the Band Scourge of Impalement, for their song Harvested for Disintegration.

    …Slightly NSFW 

    Better Quality HERE

  5. Slither

    Finished piece done with rOtring isograph pens on bristol board

    Higher quality on Deviantart

  6. Messing around with some colours, Venom/Carnage versions.

  7. Something lovely in the works

  9. Away on holiday for a week, but I can assure you I have a few awesome pieces in the works!

  10. Finished piece for Scourge of Impalement

    "Defleshed and Crucified"