1. Finished piece for Scourge of Impalement

    "Defleshed and Crucified"

  2. thefranology:

    In drawing inks, on a 50cm x 80cm canvas.

  4. Drawing of a screenshot from the attack on titan anime from a while back, WIP

  5. Spent a little while on this one, better quality here

    My entry for the Multiversity Hellboy 20th anniversary competition 

    Done with rOtring pens

  6. So here’s the finished “gruesome" piece.

    Artwork for the song - Entrails of the Diseased by Scourge of Impalement. 

    Better quality here

  7. Got something gruesome in the works

  8. Commissioned piece for the band Scourge of Impalement, for their track titled “Defleshed and Crucified”

    My Page - I’m always open for more commissions, send me a message if interested

    My Deviantart

  9. Album art for my good friend Luke’s new band, Scourge Of Impalement

    Gonna be a brutal album, with brutal artwork!

    Scourge Of Impalement on Facebook

    My Facebook

    My Deviantart